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cross-stitch in sewing and embroidery, two stitches that cross to form an X. [3 definitions]
double cross (informal) a betrayal or swindle accomplished by a course of action contrary to that previously agreed upon with the victim. [2 definitions]
double-cross (informal) to fool or cheat by doing the opposite of what one has agreed to do.
Greek Cross a cross in which the horizontal and vertical bars are of equal length and intersect at their midpoints at right angles.
hot cross bun a bunlike pastry marked with a cross of frosting, often associated with Lent.
Maltese cross a figure or emblem of a cross having four arms equal in length and increasing in width outward, usu. with an indentation in each end.
Northern Cross the constellation Cygnus.
Red Cross an international organization that gives medical care to people hurt during wars and natural disasters.
Saint Andrew's cross a cross in the form of an X; saltire.
Saint Anthony's cross a cross in the form of a T; tau cross.
Southern Cross a circumpolar constellation in the southern sky, located within the Milky Way and containing two bright stars.
Stations of the Cross (sometimes l.c.) a sequence of fourteen representations marking significant incidents in the Passion of Jesus Christ, often set upon the walls of a church, esp. Roman Catholic. [2 definitions]
Victoria Cross the highest military decoration in the British Commonwealth, awarded for conspicuous valor.