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cup of tea someone or something that is particularly well liked by or well suited to one.
death cup a poisonous mushroom with white gills and a bulbous cup surrounding the base of the stalk.
grace cup a cup passed around for toasts after grace at the end of a meal. [2 definitions]
grease cup a lubricant container mounted over a bearing.
loving cup a large, usu. silver drinking cup with two or more handles by which it was passed from guest to guest at banquets or other festive gatherings, now often given as a sports trophy.
measuring cup a specially designed cup used in cooking for measuring ingredients. Some measuring cups are designed to hold one specific amount of an ingredient such as a half cup, third cup, or quarter cup. Many large measuring cups are marked to show different levels of capacity.
stirrup cup a farewell drink, esp. for a mounted rider about to depart.
World Cup the Football World Cup, an international soccer tournament held every four years in which national teams compete for the world championship, represented by a large trophy cup. [2 definitions]