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barn dance a social gathering for dancing, often held in a barn and featuring square dances.
belly dance an eastern Mediterranean dance performed by women, in which the dancer makes sinuous rhythmic movements of the abdomen.
clog dance a dance, with or without music, performed by a group of dancers wearing wooden-soled clogs that are stamped percussively to the rhythm.
contra dance a folk dance, similar to the quadrille, in which dancers often form lines and face each other. [2 definitions]
country-dance an English folk dance characterized by dancers forming two lines facing each other.
dance hall a usu. public establishment that charges an admission price and provides space, music, and sometimes partners for dancing.
folk dance A dance made up and handed down by the common people of a region or country. [2 definitions]
medicine dance a ritual dance performed by some North American Indian peoples to drive out disease, bring rain, invoke supernatural aid, or the like.
modern dance a form of contemporary dance in which stylized movements of the body depict and express ideas, emotions, and the like.
round dance a folk dance performed by a circle of dancers. [2 definitions]
Saint Vitus's dance a type of chorea esp. affecting children.
snake dance a religious ceremonial dance of certain American Indians in which live snakes are imitated or handled, esp. in the biennial ceremony of the Hopi Indians. [2 definitions]
song and dance (informal) an effort to persuade, mislead, or deceive by an elaborate or irrelevant explanation or story. [2 definitions]
square dance a lively dance in which couples form circles, squares, or other shapes and often execute steps or maneuvers as they are called out by the caller.
square-dance to perform the square dance.
sun dance a ritual dance performed by certain North American Plains Indians at the summer solstice.
tap dance a dance in which the dancer uses the foot, heel, or toe to tap out a rhythm. Tap dancers wear special shoes to sound the taps.
tap-dance to perform a tap dance.
toe dance a dance executed in large part on the tips of the toes or in toe shoes, as in ballet.
war dance a tribal dance, esp. by some American Indians, performed before a battle, or after a victory.