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compact disk a small disk on which music or information is stored. A compact disk is played on a machine that uses a laser to read it.
digital video disc an optical storage format for digital data, or the physical disc that the data is stored on, resembling a CD but with greater storage capacity, [2 definitions]
disc brake a brake that operates by use of pressure exerted from two fixed pads against a rotating disc, as in an automobile.
disc jockey a person whose job is to play recorded music on the radio or for an event such as a dance.
disk drive a device inside or connected to a computer that copies data to and from a hard disc or floppy disc.
disk flower any of the small tubular tightly packed flowers making up the center of the flower head of certain composite plants, such as the aster or daisy.
disk harrow a farming implement having sharp circular blades set at various angles to breakup plowed soil before planting.
disk jockey see disc jockey.
disk wheel a wheel with a solid disk instead of spokes between hub and rim, used esp. on automobiles.
floppy disk a thin plastic disk with a special coating, on which computer information can be stored; diskette.
hard disk a part inside of a computer for storing information.
laser disk see optical disk.
optical disk a disk on which material such as information, pictures, or music is stored in the form of tiny depressions and from which it is retrieved or played by means of a laser scanner. [2 definitions]
slipped disk a displacement or herniation of an intervertebral disk, which results in back pain or sciatica.
sun disk an ancient Near Eastern religious symbol representing the sun god and consisting of a disk and two serpents flanked by a pair of outstretched wings. [2 definitions]