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dress circle the first tier of seats above the ground floor in an opera house, theater, or the like.
dress code a set of rules defining acceptable clothing and appearance for a particular place, occasion, or group.
dress parade a formal parade of military troops in dress uniform.
dress rehearsal the last full rehearsal of a play or other production before performance, done in full costume.
dress suit a man's formal evening attire.
dress uniform a military uniform worn only on formal occasions.
dress up to dress in fancy or formal clothes.
evening dress formal or semiformal clothing worn in the evening. (Cf. morning dress.)
fancy dress a masquerade costume, esp. one that represents a particular period or class of person.
full dress a set or style of clothes customarily worn for formal or ceremonial occasions, usu. including black tailcoats for men and long dresses for women.
morning dress formal daytime clothes for men, including a cutaway coat.
re-dress to dress or clothe once more; dress over again.