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center field in baseball, the center area of the outfield, which extends behind second base.
d'or, in a field azure (combined French and English) of gold, on a blue background.
electric field an area in space over which the effects of an electric charge can be detected.
field artillery light mobile artillery that can accompany troops in the field.
field corn any of several varieties of corn grown as livestock feed.
field day a day set aside for such activities as games and athletic contests. [2 definitions]
field event an event at a track meet that is not held on the running track, such as throwing or jumping.
field glass (usually plural) a pair of binoculars used outdoors.
field goal in football, a score worth three points, made by kicking the ball through the opponent's goalposts. [2 definitions]
field gun a mounted mobile cannon.
field hand a hired farm laborer, esp. one who works in the fields; hired hand.
field hockey a form of hockey that is played with a small ball on a field, rather than with a puck on ice.
field hospital a hospital-like facility set up for emergency treatment of soldiers near the fighting zone.
field house a large building, usu. located at a college or university, suitable for indoor athletic activities, esp. track events, basketball, or gymnastics. [2 definitions]
field magnet a magnet used to produce and maintain a magnetic field in an electrical device such as a motor, generator, or particle accelerator.
field marshal a military officer of the highest or next to highest rank in the armies of certain European countries.
field officer a military officer with the rank of colonel, lieutenant colonel, or major.
field theory in physics, a mathematical description of the effects of physical fields on the distribution and behavior of matter.
field trip a trip away from class by a group of students to learn or gain experience.
field-test to test (something) in the same conditions as those in which it will actually be used.