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baptism of fire a soldier's first experience of being in combat and under fire. [2 definitions]
brush fire a fire in an area of bushes and shrubs. [2 definitions]
build a fire under (informal) to urge to action, speed, or the like.
camp fire member a member of the Camp Fire, an organization originally for girls and now also open to boys, founded to promote good values and character and develop practical skills.
catch fire to start to burn.
cease-fire a temporary suspension of hostilities; truce. [2 definitions]
fire alarm a device that gives off a noise to signal that a fire is occurring. [2 definitions]
fire ant any of various ants that can inflict a burning sting, found esp. in South America and the southern United States.
fire brigade (chiefly British) an organization that works to prevent and put out fires; fire department.
fire clay a heat-resistant clay used in furnace linings, crucibles, fire bricks, and the like.
fire department a part of a city or town government that works to prevent and put out fires, or the people who work for it.
fire door an interior door of heat-resistant material that is designed to contain the spread of a fire in a building.
fire drill a practice exercise covering what to do in case of a fire, either in combating the fire or in escaping from it.
fire engine a large truck that carries firefighters and their tools to a fire. Fire engines usually have a ladder and a pump for spraying water or chemicals used to put out fires.
fire escape a metal stair or ladder used as an emergency exit in case of fire. Fire escapes are usually on the outside of buildings.
fire extinguisher a container for chemicals that can be sprayed on a fire to put it out.
fire hydrant a hydrant to which a firefighting hose can be attached; fireplug.
fire insurance insurance against loss or damage of property caused by a fire.
fire opal an opal having vibrant red, yellow, or orange flares of color.
fire sale a sale at reduced prices of goods presumably damaged by or during a fire.