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Angler fish any of various deepwater marine fishes that have a large mouth over which dangles a wormlike appendage that lures prey.
fish and chips fried, usu. batter-coated fillets of fish and French-fried potatoes.
fish hawk the osprey.
fish joint the joint between two timbers, beams, or rails that are bolted together lengthwise or end to end, usu. by a fishplate or fishplates.
fish ladder a series of pools at gradually increasing heights that allows fish, such as salmon, to swim upstream around a dam or other obstruction.
fish meal meal made of dried ground fish or fish parts, used in animal feed and as fertilizer.
fish out of water someone in a place or situation where he or she does not feel comfortable.
fish story (informal) an exaggerated or fanciful account, as of the huge fish that escaped.
fishbowl a clear glass or plastic bowl or other small container designed to hold pet fish. [2 definitions]
flying fish a fish that lives in the ocean and has fins that look like wings. Flying fish can glide in the air after jumping from the water.
gefilte fish chopped fish mixed with egg, meal, and seasoning, boiled, and served chilled, often as balls.
jawless fish any of several fishes, such as the lampreys, that have a circular sucking mouth and an elongated, eel-like body.
kettle of fish (informal) an awkward, difficult, or embarrassing situation.
lantern fish any of several deep-sea fishes with luminescent organs along the side of the body.
pilotfish a small spiny-finned marine fish with a widely forked tail, often found near sharks.
puffer fish any of various saltwater fishes that are capable, when irritated or alarmed, of swallowing water or air and puffing up their bodies to many times their usual size, causing, in some species, sharp protective spines to become erect.
rainbow fish see guppy. [2 definitions]
tropical fish any of various small or brightly colored fishes that are native to tropical waters, esp. those kept and bred in aquariums.