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give a wide berth to to stay out of the way of.
give away to give for free instead of selling; give as a gift. [2 definitions]
give birth to bring a child or baby animal into the world.
give in to agree to something you don't want to agree to, especially after a long argument.
give one's eyeteeth to give one's most valued possession, as for something that one greatly desires.
give rise to to lead to; cause.
give someone the finger (slang) to express anger or contempt by extending the middle finger upward.
give someone the slip to escape from.
give the gate to reject.
give up to surrender; yield. [3 definitions]
give up the ghost to lose one's life; die.
give way to collapse or fall apart.
give-and-take the act, process, or practice of compromising. [2 definitions]
given name a person's first name, given at birth or baptism, as distinguished from one's family name. (Cf. surname.)
God-given (sometimes l.c.) considered to be given by God. [2 definitions]
not give (or care) a hoot (informal) to not care at all.