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apartment house a building containing a number of individual apartments; apartment building.
boardinghouse a residence that provides rooms and meals to paying lodgers.
clean house to force out all undesired people or things.
clearinghouse a central place where materials or information are collected or maintained, esp. for distribution. [2 definitions]
customhouse a government office or building, usu. at a seaport, where customs on imports are collected and ships are cleared to enter or leave port.
death house a prison building where prisoners awaiting execution are housed, and where execution takes place.
discount house a store that regularly sells merchandise for less than the usual retail prices; discount store.
duplex house a house that has been divided into two separate living units.
engine house a building in which large engines, such as fire engines or locomotives, are kept when not in use.
field house a large building, usu. located at a college or university, suitable for indoor athletic activities, esp. track events, basketball, or gymnastics. [2 definitions]
full house in poker, a hand that contains three of a kind and a pair, such as three aces and two sixes.
halfway house a special residence where people who have been released from institutions, such as mental patients, prisoners, and drug addicts, are helped to adjust to ordinary life.
house arrest legal confinement of a person under arrest in his or her home, a hospital, or a public building rather than in jail or prison.
House of Burgesses formerly, the assembly of legislative representatives in colonial Virginia.
house of cards any structure, plan, arrangement, or the like that will collapse or fail because of its flimsiness.
House of Commons one of the houses of the British and Canadian parliaments. Members are elected by the people.
house of correction an institution for the confinement and reformation of those convicted of minor offenses who are not regarded as confirmed criminals.
House of Delegates the lower house of the state legislatures of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.
house of ill fame a house of prostitution; bordello; brothel.
House of Lords one of the houses of the British parliament, made up of nobles and certain religious leaders. Members are not elected.