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house of ill fame a house of prostitution; bordello; brothel.
ill at ease causing uncomfortable feelings; uneasy.
ill fame unfavorable reputation or name.
ill humor an unpleasant or irritable mood; disagreeableness.
ill nature a disagreeable or spiteful disposition.
ill will unfriendly feelings; dislike.
ill-advised entered into without sufficient counsel or deliberation; unwise.
ill-bred characterized by a lack of good manners; rude.
ill-conceived poorly planned or thought out.
ill-considered done without due consideration; imprudent or unwise.
ill-disposed not favorable or receptive; hostile. [2 definitions]
ill-fated fated to come to a bad end; doomed. [2 definitions]
ill-favored unattractive in appearance; ugly. [2 definitions]
ill-founded having little or no basis in fact or reason.
ill-gotten obtained by dishonest or evil means.
ill-mannered showing bad manners; impolite.
ill-natured showing a disagreeable temperament; bad-tempered; nasty.
ill-omened preceded by bad omens.
ill-spent not spent or used to good purpose; wasted.
ill-starred unlucky; ill-fated.