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Arab League a confederation of nations sharing a common Arabic language and culture, formed in 1945 to promote economic, military, and political cooperation among its members, and now grown to a total of twenty-one.
big league see major league. [2 definitions]
big-league of, concerning, or suitable for a top professional sports league, esp. one of the baseball major leagues. [2 definitions]
bush league (informal) the minor leagues in U.S. baseball.
bush-league (informal) pertaining to a second-rate group or sphere of activity. [2 definitions]
Hanseatic League a medieval association of northern European free towns, formed to promote and protect merchants' interests.
Ivy League an association of eight prestigious colleges and universities in the northeastern United States, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Pennsylvania, and Yale.
Junior League in the United States, an association of women of high economic and social status who do volunteer work in the local community.
League of Nations an international federation of nations founded in 1919 to promote world peace and cooperation, formally disbanded in 1946, and superseded by the United Nations.
Little League in the United States, a baseball league for players at or under the age of twelve.
major league either of the two highest-level leagues of professional baseball teams in the United States.
minor league any lower-level league than the major leagues in professional baseball in the United States.