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a long row to hoe a very difficult task or situation.
as long as since; on the condition of.
by a long shot by a considerable amount or distance.
Halong Bay a body of water in the Gulf of Tonkin along the coast of northern Vietnam that is densely clustered with vegetation-covered, monolithic islands, many of which have caves.
in the long run at the end of a period of time; finally.
long distance telephone service that is not local.
long division a procedure of dividing one number by another number, in which each step, with its subtraction and its remainder, is written down in full.
long face an unhappy, sad, or discontented facial expression.
long house a long wooden dwelling shared by many families, esp. of the Iroquois or other North American Indian tribes.
Long Island an island in southeastern New York State that includes two of the boroughs of New York City.
long johns (informal) long underwear.
long jump in competitive track sports, a jump for horizontal distance with a running start.
long shot in betting, a choice that has very little chance of winning, such as a horse in a race. [3 definitions]
long suit in card games, the suit of which a player holds the most cards. [2 definitions]
long ton a unit of weight equal to 2,240 pounds or 1.016 metric tons.
long underwear a close-fitting, usu. knit undergarment that covers the legs and arms and is worn for warmth.
long wave a low-frequency electromagnetic wave, usu. a radio wave that is longer than one thousand meters and below three hundred kilohertz in frequency.
long-drawn-out continuing or lasting for a long time; prolonged.
long-headed having an esp. long head; dolichocephalic. [2 definitions]
long-lasting continuing for a long time.