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low beam the dimmer setting for the headlights on a vehicle, providing short-range illumination.
low blow in boxing, a blow below the belt. [2 definitions]
Low Church of or pertaining to a liberal party within the Anglican Church emphasizing evangelicalism over tradition and ritual. (Cf. High Church, Broad Church.)
low comedy comedy that is based on bawdy jokes, humorous situations, or physical action such as horseplay and slapstick; burlesque; farce.
Low Countries the lowland region in northern Europe comprising the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
low frequency any radio frequency between thirty and three hundred kilohertz per second.
Low German a subbranch of Germanic, other than High German, that includes English, Dutch, Flemish, and Frisian. (Cf. High German.) [2 definitions]
Low Latin any form of nonclassical Latin, such as medieval Latin or Vulgar Latin.
Low Mass a mass that is recited, rather than sung, by one priest assisted by one acolyte.
low profile a manner or form designed not to attract attention; deliberately inconspicuous presence or activity.
low relief sculptural relief that projects slightly from the background; bas-relief.
Low Sunday the first Sunday after Easter.
low tide the tide at its lowest water level, or the time when this happens.
low water the lowest level reached by a body of water, such as a lake or river in the dry season. [2 definitions]
low-cal containing few calories, or fewer calories than normal.
low-cost not expensive; available at a low price or cost.
low-grade of inferior value or quality. [2 definitions]
low-key low in aggression or intensity; mild.
low-minded demonstrating or possessing characteristics considered base or vulgar.
low-necked of a garment, having a low neckline; exposing the neck and sometimes the shoulders; décolleté.