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certified mail a postal service that, for a fee, guarantees the delivery of first-class uninsured mail by requiring the addressee to sign for it. [2 definitions]
chain mail flexible armor made of metal links or scalelike plates joined together.
coat of mail a protective garment made of interlinked rings or overlapping plates of metal, worn in the Middle Ages.
direct mail advertisements, appeals for donations, and the like, mailed to a large number of people.
e-mail the practice of sending written messages from one computer to another; electronic mail. [4 definitions]
electronic mail a written message sent between people from a computer in one location to a computer in another location; e-mail.
fan mail correspondence received by a prominent or famous person that contains expressions of praise or admiration.
junk mail mail that is not wanted or asked for. Letters asking for money or trying to sell products are usually considered junk mail.
mail carrier a person whose job is to deliver mail.
mail order an order for goods that are available through the mail.
mail-order house a company or firm that does its business through the mail.
registered mail mail that is accompanied by the signature of each postal handler and must be signed for by the addressee, to provide a record that it has been delivered.
royal mail in the UK, the governmental organization that oversees the delivery of mail.
voice mail a spoken message that has been recorded electronically and stored on a central computer. The person to whom the message has been sent can listen to it by telephoning the computer. [2 definitions]