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make a dent (informal) to make an impression; influence.
make a dent in to make progress on a task by getting some of it done. [2 definitions]
make a difference to be important or have an effect.
make a monkey out of to make (someone) appear ridiculous; embarrass; dupe.
make a spectacle of oneself to behave in a silly or foolish way in public.
make allowance (or allowances) for to be lenient toward; excuse; pardon. [2 definitions]
make amends to try to make up for harm done to someone.
make believe to pretend or imagine.
make both ends meet to make enough money to pay for needed things.
make do to manage, despite insufficiencies or adversity.
make ends meet to make enough money to pay for needed things.
make eyes at to look at with longing; flirt.
make fun of to laugh at; mock.
make haste to act or move rapidly.
make hay while the sun shines to take advantage of an opportunity or get necessary work done while conditions are favorable.
make it to do well; succeed. [2 definitions]
make light of to treat as or consider silly or not important.
make mincemeat of to defeat utterly; destroy.
make much of to treat as or consider important or valuable.
make no bones about to speak of in a direct and open manner; be frank about.