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chamber music music that is written for a small number of instruments, such as a string quartet, and suited for performance in an intimate setting.
country music a type of popular music, based on the traditional music of the rural South and the cowboy music of the West. Country music often express sad personal emotions.
electronic music music that is produced electronically by an instrument such as a synthesizer.
face the music (informal) to assume responsibility for one's actions.
folk music music made up and played by the common people of a region or country. Such music is often simple, with parts that are played over and over.
music box a box containing a mechanical device that plays music. The music plays by winding a knob, lifting the lid of the box, or some other action.
music hall an auditorium in which musical performances are presented. [2 definitions]
music of the spheres music that early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, thought was produced by the movements of the heavenly bodies, but which was inaudible on earth.
music stand a vertically adjustable rack for holding sheets of music for a performer or conductor.
program music instrumental music intended to evoke or depict a scene, story, event, or the like.
sheet music music printed on loose or unbound sheets of paper.
soul music a type of music combining elements of black gospel and rhythm-and-blues.