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Antarctic Ocean the waters surrounding Antarctica where the southern parts of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans meet.
Arctic Ocean the ocean that surrounds the North Pole.
Atlantic Ocean an ocean that is bordered by Europe and Africa on the east and by North and South America on the west.
Indian Ocean an ocean south of Asia. It reaches from Africa to Australia.
ocean floor the surface of the ground at the bottom of the ocean.
ocean liner a large commercial ship designed for travel on the open seas, which transports passengers or cargo, typically on a regular route.
ocean sunfish any of a family of bony marine fishes, esp. a large, slow-moving, tropical species with a flattened body resembling an upright disk.
ocean-going of, or designed or equipped for, travel on seas and oceans, as a ship. [2 definitions]
Pacific Ocean the largest ocean in the world, separating Asia and North America, and Australia and South America, and extending to Antarctic; Pacific.
Southern Ocean used as a term for the ocean area that surrounds the continent of Antarctica.