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blotting paper a soft thick absorbent paper used to blot excess ink from a piece of writing; blotter.
bond paper a high-grade paper with some proportion of rag content, used for stationery and documents; bond.
carbon paper very thin paper coated on one side with carbon or a dark waxy pigment, that is placed between two sheets of paper and produces a copy on the lower sheet of text that is written or typed on the upper.
commercial paper any of various negotiable papers, such as bills of exchange, used in business transactions.
construction paper heavy colored paper, used esp. by school children for drawing, crafts, and the like.
crepe paper thin paper with wrinkles. Crepe paper is used for decoration.
fanfold paper paper that is perforated to allow folding in alternating directions, designed esp. to lie in flat stacks or bulks for continuous feeding, as into computer printers.
filter paper porous paper used to filter liquids, commonly used in certain coffee makers.
graph paper paper printed with a uniform pattern of small squares on which to draw diagrams or plot graphs.
India paper a thin opaque paper made in Asia and used for books and engravings. [2 definitions]
laid paper paper that is watermarked with evenly spaced parallel lines.
litmus paper a small strip of treated paper used in chemistry. Litmus paper turns red in an acid and blue in a base.
Manila paper a sturdy brownish paper, used for envelopes or wrapping, originally made from Manila hemp.
paper birch a North American birch with tough white paperlike bark that curls and peels easily from the tree.
paper clip a piece of wire bent back on itself that holds papers together.
paper cutter a power-driven machine or hand-operated device used to cut or trim a quantity of paper.
paper knife a knife with a long dull blade that is used to open mail or separate the uncut pages of a book.
paper money currency in paper form, such as a dollar bill or bank note, that is issued by a government or its banks as legal tender.
paper nautilus an octopuslike mollusk, the female of which has a thin spiral shell in which she can dwell and lay eggs.
paper tiger a person, group, or nation that seems strong or powerful enough to pose a threat, but is actually weak or ineffectual; empty threat.