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jumping-off place an isolated or remote area, considered as the edge of civilization. [2 definitions]
out of place in a wrong or untypical location. [2 definitions]
place card a small name card, used esp. at formal dinners, that is set at the place each guest is to occupy at a table.
place in the sun an advantageous or prominent position.
place kick in football, a kick made while the ball is held upright on the ground, as in a field-goal attempt or kickoff. (Cf. drop kick, punt1.)
place mat a mat, often decorative, used under a place setting at a meal to protect the table.
place setting the dishes, glasses, and silverware set out on a table for each person's use at a meal.
showplace a place, usu. a residence or other building, that is displayed to the public because of its beauty or excellence.
take place to happen.
watering place a place where animals drink or humans get fresh water, such as a pool or stream. [2 definitions]