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armor plate specially hardened steel plates used to protect vehicles or fortifications.
fashion plate a person who usu. dresses in the latest, most stylish clothes. [2 definitions]
gold plate tableware or containers made of or plated with gold. [2 definitions]
gold-plate to cover with a layer of gold or electroplate with gold.
home plate a flat slab of hard rubber at which the batter stands in a baseball game. The base runner must touch home plate in order to score a run.
hot plate a small, usu. electric, portable appliance for cooking or heating food.
license plate a small metal sign on a car, truck, or other vehicle that usually has both numbers and letters. The license plate shows that it is legal to drive the vehicle on public roads.
nickel plate a thin coating of nickel, usu. deposited by electroplating, that provides an inexpensive, protective cover for other metals.
number plate the British word for a small metal sign on a car, truck, or other vehicle indicating that the vehicle is legal to drive on public roads. Number plate has the same meaning as license plate.
plate glass clear, ground, and polished glass in large sheets, used for mirrors and large windows.
plate rail a narrow, shelflike strip or molding attached to the upper part of a wall, on which plates or other flat objects can be displayed.
plate tectonics (used with a singular verb) a theory that scientists use to explain the movement of continents, the eruption of volcanoes, and other changes or events in the earth's geology. The theory of plate tectonics says that the earth's crust is made up of separate sections that are like very large plates. These sections move around constantly because they float on melted rock. The movement of these sections of the crust causes earthquakes.
silver plate tableware that is made of, or coated with, silver. [2 definitions]
silver-plate to coat or plate (a metal) with silver, esp. by electrolysis.
tectonic plate any of the several segments of the Earth's crust that move in relation to one another causing such phenomena as continental drift and volcanic eruptions.
tin plate thin sheet iron or steel plated with tin.
vanity plate a car license plate with letters and numbers chosen by the owner rather than assigned by the state.