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bring into play to put into motion or effect.
by-play less important action that takes place at the same time as the main action, esp. in a play.
child's play something that is very easily done; cinch.
double play in baseball, a single play in which two players are put out.
fair play the act of following, honorably, the established rules of a game or sport; honorable conduct in business or any other competitive activity.
foul play treacherous action, esp. violence against a person or persons.
match play a type of golf competition in which each side scores a point for each hole won, regardless of the total number of strokes. (Cf. medal play.)
medal play a type of golf competition in which the total number of strokes taken by each side determines the score. (Cf. match play.)
miracle play a type of medieval religious drama that depicted the lives of saints or Biblical stories.
morality play an allegorical drama with characters that personify certain vices and virtues, intended for the moral and theological instruction of the audience.
mystery play a medieval representation, in dramatic form, of a Biblical event, esp. the life, death, or resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Cf. miracle play, morality play.)
passion play a play, often performed around Easter, reenacting the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross and the events relating to it.
play footsie with to engage in or strive for a close, mutually beneficial, surreptitious relationship or cooperation.
play havoc with to destroy. [2 definitions]
play hob with to treat or trick mischievously.
play it by ear to act without planning in advance; improvise.
play it safe to act so as to prevent or avoid misfortune or danger; be cautious.
play on words a pun, or an act or instance of punning.
play one's cards to make and carry out good choices.
play possum to pretend to be asleep or dead; keep very still to avoid being noticed. Opossums do this so predators will ignore them.