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play second fiddle to serve in a secondary or subordinate capacity.
play someone false to betray or deceive someone.
play to the gallery to try to appeal to the broadest popular taste.
play with fire to bring about danger by doing something in a reckless way.
play-action pass in football, a forward pass made by the quarterback after feigning a handoff.
play-by-play concerning or being a detailed account of each step or action during an event, esp. a sports event. [2 definitions]
power play an offensive maneuver in team sports, in which force is concentrated on a small area. [3 definitions]
shadow play a theatrical performance produced by casting the shadows of actors or puppets on a lighted screen or curtain.
squeeze play in baseball, a play in which a runner on third base starts for home plate when the pitcher releases the ball, and the batter tries to bunt. [2 definitions]
three-point play in basketball, a play in which a player is fouled while making a two-point basket and then scores another point on the subsequent free throw.
triple play in baseball, a play by the defensive team that puts three offensive players out.