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mom and pop store (informal) a small store or business, usu. owned and run by family members.
pop art a form of modern art that uses subjects from everyday life and the mass media, and adapts techniques of commercial art such as comic strips.
pop concert a concert by a symphony orchestra playing popular and light classical music.
pop culture short for popular culture.
pop fly in baseball, a high fly ball in or near the infield area, usu. one that can be caught easily; pop-up; pop.
pop off (informal) to leave suddenly or unexpectedly. [3 definitions]
pop the question (informal) to ask to marry.
pop-top denoting or having a top that can be popped open, usu. with a pull tab, as on vacuum-packed cans. [3 definitions]
pop-up of, concerning, having, or being a part or device that pops up or causes something to pop up. [5 definitions]
soda pop an artificially flavored and carbonated soft drink; soda.