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brick red the color of dried bricks; brownish red.
Chinese red a bright orange-red color.
Eric the Red a Nordic outlaw and explorer who established the first Nordic settlement of Greenland in 985 (b.950--d.1003).
Galápagos red bat any of a family of red bats endemic to the Galápagos Islands.
in the red in debt.
paint the town red (slang) to go on an uninhibited spree.
red alert a warning of imminent military attack.
red algae any of several varieties of reddish marine plant life that form shrublike masses in deep water.
red blood cell a cell in the blood that carries oxygen to the body's tissues.
red carpet a red strip of carpet rolled out for visiting dignitaries. [2 definitions]
red cedar either of two types of evergreen tree with red wood, one of the eastern United States and one of the west. [2 definitions]
red cent (informal) a penny as a symbol of insignificance.
Red Cross an international organization that gives medical care to people hurt during wars and natural disasters.
red deer a deer of Europe and Asia with a reddish summer coat.
red dwarf a small star with relatively low surface heat and weak luminosity.
red flag (informal) anything that signals trouble or danger ahead. [2 definitions]
red fox a small fox with reddish fur.
red giant a large, bright star with a relatively low surface temperature and a reddish appearance.
red heat the temperature at which something glows red.
red herring something intended to distract attention from the main issue; misleading clue or false trail. [2 definitions]