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all right in a satisfactory but not outstanding way; well enough. [4 definitions]
divine right of kings the doctrine that a monarch's right to rule comes directly from God, not from the people.
in one's own right because of one's own talent or self.
patent right an exclusive right conferred by a patent, esp. to manufacture and sell an invention.
right about face a military command to turn to the right until facing in the opposite direction, or the performance of this command. [2 definitions]
right and left in all places or directions; everywhere.
right angle the angle formed where two perpendicular lines meet. It measures ninety degrees.
right ascension the angular distance of the arc of one of the hour circles of a celestial body, measured eastward along the equator from the vernal equinox to the intersection of the hour circle, and expressed in degrees or hours; the celestial equivalent of longitude.
right away1 at this moment; now; immediately.
right away2 at once; immediately.
right field the section of a baseball field outside the diamond and to the right of home plate. [2 definitions]
right fielder in baseball, the player whose position is in right field when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
right of asylum the right to have or give protection within a country, its embassy, or another facility so designated by law or custom.
right of search the right of a nation at war to stop and search a neutral ship on the open sea.
right of way the right by law or custom for one vehicle, vessel, person, or the like to move ahead of or in front of another. [3 definitions]
right off at once; immediately.
right off the bat at once; immediately.
right triangle a triangle with a right angle.
right whale any of several large whales lacking a dorsal fin, having a smooth throat, and having eyes set near the corners of the mouth.
right wing those within a political group who are the most conservative or reactionary. (Cf. left wing.)