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Amazon River a major river that flows from the Andes mountains in Peru across northern Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.
Brahmaputra River a major river of Asia that starts in Tibet and flows through northern India and Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal.
Chang Jiang River the longest river of Asia, flowing from Tibet through central China into the East China Sea. An older name in English for the Chang Jiang River is the Yangtze River.
Congo River a river of central Africa flowing into the Atlantic Ocean; Zaire River.
Danube River a river that begins in Germany and flows through central Europe, eventually emptying into the Black Sea.
Gambia River a river that rises in North Guinea in western Africa and flows westward through Senegal and The Gambia to the Atlantic Ocean.
Ganges River a river that flows through northern India and central Bangladesh into the Indian Ocean; Ganges.
Gila River a U.S. river flowing west from southwestern New Mexico through Arizona to the southwest corner of the state, where it joins with the Colorado River.
Gila River Relocation Center a U.S. internment camp located on the Gila River Indian Reservation that was built for the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. At its peak, there were over 13,000 people forcibly living there.
Huang He River a major river of China that begins in the mountains of the west and flows mostly eastward. It is also known as the Yellow River.
Mackenzie River a river in Canada flowing from Great Slave Lake west and north toward the Arctic Ocean.
Mekong River a major river that begins in China and flows southeast through the countries of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
Mississippi River a river in the United States that flows from Minnesota south through the Midwest, then along the border between Mississippi and Louisiana, and finally into the Gulf of Mexico.
Missouri River a river that flows from Montana southeast through Missouri and is the main tributary of the Mississippi.
Murray River a river in southeastern Australia.
Nile River an African river, generally considered to be the longest in the world, flowing from Uganda northward to the Mediterranean Sea.
Paraná River a major river in South America that starts in Brazil and flows mostly south. The Paraná River eventually joins a river called the Uruguay and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at the border between the countries of Argentina and Uruguay.
pink river dolphin a large South American freshwater dolphin, having a pink, light blue, or gray color, a long, thin snout, and a bulbous forehead.
river basin the area of land from which a river and its tributaries drain water.
river horse a hippopotamus.