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dry run (informal) a military exercise without live ammunition. [2 definitions]
hit-and-run denoting or pertaining to a driver who does not stop at the scene after causing an accident with his or her motor vehicle. [2 definitions]
home run a hit that allows the batter in a baseball game to touch all four bases and score a run.
in the long run at the end of a period of time; finally.
make one's blood run cold to make one terrified.
milk run a routine or riskless trip or undertaking.
mill-run ordinary or unrefined; run-of-the-mill.
run across to meet by chance.
run afoul of to become entangled with or come into conflict with.
run amok to be out of control in a violent manner.
run down to look over; review. [2 definitions]
run foul of to come into collision, conflict, or entanglement with.
run into to meet someone without planning to.
run of the mill (informal) commonplace; ordinary; basic.
run out to become used up; be consumed. [2 definitions]
run out of to use up the entire amount of.
run riot to move, act, or grow without control.
run up to cause to become larger.
run wild to grow unrestrained or unchecked. [2 definitions]
run-down in poor condition. [3 definitions]