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Beaufort scale a scale that rates the force and speed of wind from 0, "calm," to 12 or more, "hurricane".
Binet-Simon scale a series of tests graded according to the mental abilities at different ages of the average population, esp. children, with which the abilities of the individual test-taker can be compared.
chromatic scale a musical scale of half steps.
full-scale of a copy or model, having the same dimensions as the original; not reduced. [2 definitions]
large-scale large in scope or extent. [2 definitions]
major scale a musical scale of whole steps, with two half-steps that occur between the third and fourth steps and the seventh and eighth steps.
minor scale any musical scale in which there is a half-step between the second and third tones and seventh and eighth tones.
Mohs scale a scale that designates the comparative hardness of minerals.
platform scale an industrial weighing device fitted with a platform on which esp. large or heavy objects can be placed and weighed.
Richter scale a logarithmic scale from one to ten that is used to measure the intensity and magnitude of an earthquake.
San Jose scale a type of scale insect that destroys fruit trees and other plants.
scale insect any of numerous four-winged sucking insects, the females of which cover themselves with a round, waxy scale, under which they live on plants and deposit their eggs.
sliding scale a scale or standard of costs, wages, fees, or the like that varies according to other factors such as cost of living, level of income, or prices.
small-scale constructed with fewer details as a smaller version of an original or of a proposed model. [2 definitions]
wage scale a schedule of the wages paid to workers in a given industry or locality, or paid by a given employer.