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on-screen occurring in a motion picture or television program, or on a projection screen. [2 definitions]
rood screen an ornamental screen or partition, usu. surmounted by a crucifix, that separates the choir or chancel from the nave of a church.
screen door an outer door consisting of a frame fitted with fine wire or plastic mesh to keep insects out.
screen memory in psychoanalysis, a recollection of early childhood that seems significant but actually masks a more profound related memory that remains repressed.
screen pass in football, a quick, short forward pass to a receiver who is behind or just beyond the line of scrimmage.
screen saver a small program that takes over a computer's screen if it has not been used for a set length of time. Screen savers were first used to prevent computer screens from being damaged, but now they are mainly used for decoration.
smoke screen a cloud of smoke used to hide military areas or operations from an enemy. [2 definitions]