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back seat a seat behind other seats or in the back, esp. of a vehicle.
back-seat driver a passenger who gives unsolicited advice about driving to the driver.
box seat a seat in a box, usu. offering a better view and some privacy, in a theater, concert hall, stadium, or the like.
bucket seat a single seat with a molded back, as in some cars and airplanes.
by the seat of one's pants by experience and intuition, not by plans or instruments.
catbird seat any situation or position that gives one control or the power to gain one's ends.
county seat the city or town in which the government of a county resides.
ejection seat a seat designed to eject from an aircraft during an emergency and parachute to the ground with its occupant.
hot seat (informal) a trying circumstance or situation that causes one extreme discomfort, embarrassment, criticism, or the like.
jump seat a small folding seat in an automobile or airplane.
love seat a small upholstered sofa or double chair that seats two people.
rumble seat an open passenger seat in the rear of some early automobiles which can be folded and closed when not in use.
saddle seat a chair seat that is slightly concave and has a lengthwise central ridge.
seat belt a strap or belt that holds a person in the seat of a car, airplane, or other vehicle. Seat belts protect people against a sudden stop or crash.
seat-of-the-pants (informal) of the act of operating an aircraft, done without the guidance of instruments. [2 definitions]
take a back seat (informal) to hold a secondary position or be considered less than excellent.
window seat a seat built beneath the sill of a window. [2 definitions]