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civil service any branch of government that is not part of the legislature, court system, or the military.
fire service see fire brigade.
food service industry generated by those people, places, institutions, and companies that are responsible for meals eaten away from home.
in-service taking place or available while one is an employee.
Internal Revenue Service the U.S. government agency responsible for administering and enforcing federal tax laws and collecting federal taxes. (abbr.: IRS)
lip service insincere expression of good will, devotion, respect, or loyalty.
National Health Service the British health service, largely financed by taxation, that provides free or inexpensive medical treatment. (abbr.:NHS)
National Park Service an agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior that manages National Parks, National Monuments, and other such property. [2 definitions]
National Weather Service an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that compiles data on weather conditions and issues weather warnings.
news service see news agency. [2 definitions]
postal service see post office.
public-service corporation a private corporation that provides a utility or other service to the public and is regulated by the government.
secret service a government service that conducts espionage and other undercover operations so as to gain knowledge of, and often to frustrate the activities of, hostile individuals, groups, and governments. [2 definitions]
selective service a system of compulsory military service, or of selecting those who will serve therein.
self-service relating to a business in which customers serve themselves.
service break an instance of winning a game on the opponent's serve, as in tennis.
service entrance an entrance, often a back door, used by employees or tradespeople.
service line a boundary line that a person serving must not step over, as in handball. [2 definitions]
service mark a symbol, word, design, slogan, or the like, used as identification by a particular company that supplies a service such as insurance, laundry, or transportation.
service station a place that sells gasoline and other things needed for cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. Repairs are also made in some stations.