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social climber a person who strives to gain a higher rank in society, usu. by associating with more socially prominent people.
Social Darwinism a late-nineteenth-century social theory in which Darwinism is applied to the understanding of human society, as in the belief of the genetic superiority of some individuals or groups over others. [2 definitions]
Social Democrat a member of any of various Social Democratic parties.
Social Democratic party a German political party based on the economic and political theories of Karl Marx. [2 definitions]
social disease a disease transmitted by social contact, esp. sexual contact. [2 definitions]
social engineering the application to social problems of methods that are considered to be similar to those of engineering in their practicality, efficiency, and moral neutrality.
social hierarchy a tiered social structure that is the outcome of unequal distribution of and access to power, resources, and rewards in a particular society or social group.
social science the scientific study of society and social behavior, or any science that examines an aspect of society or social behavior, such as anthropology or psychology.
social secretary a person whose work is handling an employer's personal correspondence and social engagements.
social security (often cap.) in the United States, an assistance plan for the elderly, unemployed, or disabled funded by mandatory contributions from employers, employees, and the government. [3 definitions]
Social Security Number a number issued by the U.S. federal government to citizens, permanent residents, and temporary working residents of the United States for the purposes of tracking working individuals.
social service work that promotes social welfare; social work. [2 definitions]
social studies a course of study including history, geography, civics, and other social sciences. This course is taught in elementary and secondary schools.
social welfare government services provided for citizens, esp. the underprivileged or disadvantaged. [3 definitions]
social work work that promotes the well-being of society, as by assisting the underprivileged or disadvantaged.