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a leg to stand on a valid or convincing basis for a point of view.
can't stand (informal) to hate something.
make one's hair stand on end to make very frightened.
Mexican stand-off a position of impasse with the possibility of hostile aggression.
music stand a vertically adjustable rack for holding sheets of music for a performer or conductor.
one-night stand an engagement for a single performance in one place by an entertainer, speaker, or the like.
stand a chance to have a possibility of succeeding or surviving.
stand for to be a symbol of, or to represent. [2 definitions]
stand on ceremony to act in a formal or ceremonious fashion.
stand out to elicit notice by being significantly different from or superior to others.
stand pat to refuse to change one's decision, policy, or opinion.
stand up to move your body into a standing position.
stand-in a person who substitutes for another, esp. in film production or the theater. [2 definitions]
stand-up done in or requiring a standing position. [4 definitions]
taxi stand a parking area reserved for taxicabs waiting to be hired.
witness stand the place in a court of law from which a witness testifies.