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battle station the place to which military personnel or craft are to report in case of attack or emergency.
comfort station a public toilet or lavatory.
filling station a retail establishment that provides automotive products and services, esp. gasoline, oil, and air; gas station; service station.
fire station a place where firefighters stay and where fire trucks and things to fight fires are kept.
gas station a place where gas, oil, and other supplies for running a car can be bought; filling station; service station.
police station the office of the police within a certain area.
radio station an organization equipped for broadcasting radio. [2 definitions]
service station a place that sells gasoline and other things needed for cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. Repairs are also made in some stations.
space station a large spacecraft in orbit for a long period of time. Space stations are used for scientific study and for launching other spacecraft.
station agent a person who manages a small railroad or bus station.
station break an interval, during or between radio or television program broadcasting, that allows a station or network to make announcements, identify itself, present commercials, or the like.
station house a police or fire station.
station wagon an automobile with one or two rows of folding or removable seats behind that of the driver, and a cargo area behind the rearmost seat that can be loaded through a tailgate.
station-to-station designating a long-distance telephone call in which the caller is willing to talk with whomever answers. [3 definitions]
tracking station a base, station, vessel, or the like having the necessary radar and other equipment to monitor or communicate with craft traveling through the air or in space.
train station a place where train tickets are sold and where passengers and goods are let on or off trains.
way station a minor station on a railroad line, located between more important stations, at which a train stops only when signaled.
weather station a station or installation at which weather conditions are studied and forecasts are made.