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back-step a step taken backwards. [2 definitions]
false step a stumble. [2 definitions]
goose step a marching step in which the legs are swung high and the knees kept stiff and straight.
half step an interval in music that is halfway between two notes.
in step moving to a rhythm with another person.
lock step a way of marching extremely close together and precisely in unison so that marchers' legs do not collide with the legs of those in front of them. [2 definitions]
one-step a ballroom dance that consists of an unbroken series of quick walking steps and is danced to ragtime music. [3 definitions]
side step the taking of a step to one side, or a step taken sideways.
step on someone's toes to annoy or anger by trying to take over someone else's job or role.
step-down designating a transformer that reduces voltage, or a gear that reduces speed. [2 definitions]
step-in put on by being stepped into. [2 definitions]
step-up an increase, as in rate or quantity, esp. one taking place in discrete stages. [3 definitions]
two-step a ballroom dance, similar to a slow fox trot, in two-four time and characterized by long sliding steps. [2 definitions]