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bathing suit a garment worn for swimming.
diving suit any of various outfits worn by underwater divers, esp. a heavy, sealed garment with a detachable helmet that supplies pumped air.
dress suit a man's formal evening attire.
G-suit a full-body garment designed to nullify the effects of high acceleration by exerting pressure on the lower part of the body, worn esp. by astronauts.
jump suit a piece of clothing that covers the arms, legs, and body and is worn by people who parachute. [2 definitions]
leisure suit a casual suit, worn by men, having a shirtlike jacket and matching pants.
long suit in card games, the suit of which a player holds the most cards. [2 definitions]
major suit in bridge, hearts or spades. (Cf. minor suit.)
minor suit in bridge, diamonds or clubs. (Cf. major suit.)
pants suit variant of pantsuit.
pressure suit an airtight suit that, when inflated, maintains for its wearer normal atmospheric pressure at high altitudes, in space, or the like.
suit up to dress in a special set of clothing.
union suit an undershirt and underpants combined in one garment.
wet suit a tightfitting one-piece rubber suit worn by skin divers for warmth.
zoot suit an exaggeratedly styled man's suit of the 1940s, consisting of baggy pants with tight cuffs and an oversized coat with wide lapels and padded shoulders.