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take effect to start operating; start to work.
take exception to strongly object. [2 definitions]
take in to provide a temporary or permanent place in one's home to. [3 definitions]
take in stride to absorb or accommodate with no interruption or disturbance of one's normal mood or activities.
take into account to consider.
take kindly to to look upon favorably.
take note of to observe carefully so as to remember.
take off to remove. [2 definitions]
take one's breath away to fill suddenly with great surprise; startle.
take one's time to do something without the need to hurry.
take over to begin to have control of something.
take (someone's) part to join with or support someone.
take part in to involve yourself in; be active in.
take pity on to treat mercifully or help because of pity.
take place to happen.
take root to send out new roots; begin to grow or become fixed in the ground. [2 definitions]
take shape to come to have a more complete form.
take stock in to consider important.
take the bull by the horns to handle a difficult problem in a direct manner, even if one is afraid.
take the cake be exceptional; outdo others, often in some undesirable characteristic.