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black tie the black bow tie worn on semiformal occasions with a dinner jacket or tuxedo. [2 definitions]
black-tie requiring semi-formal attire, esp., for the men, a black bow tie and dinner jacket or tuxedo.
bolo tie a cord worn around the neck as a tie, the ends of which are held together with an ornamental sliding clasp.
bow tie a short necktie tied in a simple, flat bow.
string tie a very narrow necktie, usu. tied in a bow.
tie beam a horizontal beam used to connect two structural members, as in a roof truss.
tie clasp a usu. ornamental clasp that holds the free ends of a necktie to the shirt front.
tie line a connecting link between two principal lines, such as telephone or power lines.
tie rod an iron rod that acts as a structural connector in a building to counteract tensile stress. [2 definitions]
tie tack a short straight pin with an ornamental head, used to hold the free ends of a necktie to a shirt front.
tie up to tie someone with something like a rope to prevent that person from moving. [2 definitions]
tie-in of, pertaining to, or denoting the marketing or sale of two or more products together. [3 definitions]
tie-up a temporary stoppage, as of traffic, service, or production, caused by some obstruction, accident, breakdown, or the like.
tongue-tie a speech impediment caused by restriction of tongue movement by an abnormally short frenum. [2 definitions]
white tie a man's white bow tie, worn with formal evening dress. [2 definitions]
Windsor tie a wide soft necktie, usu. of black silk, tied in a loose bow.