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dial tone the steady hum or buzzing sound in a telephone receiver showing that the line is open and a number may be dialed or entered.
earth tone any of the muted colors found in nature, such as beige, gray, or moss green.
partial tone in music, any of the pure tones that make up a complex tone; harmonic.
quarter tone in music, an interval equal to one half of a semitone.
tone arm the pivoting arm on a phonograph that holds the needle.
tone cluster a group of notes close in pitch to each other played simultaneously, as on a keyboard or by several instrumentalists.
tone color the characteristic quality of sound from an instrument or voice; timbre.
tone control on an amplifier, a manually controlled device that regulates the intensity of high and low frequencies.
tone down to make less harsh, loud, or bright.
tone language a language, such as Chinese, Swedish, or Bantu, in which the pitch or tone contour of a word helps to distinguish its meaning from that of another word that otherwise sounds like it; tonal language.
tone poem see symphonic poem.
tone row a series of tones, arranged in an arbitrary order with no duplications, used in serial music; twelve-tone series.
tone-deaf unable to distinguish differences in musical pitch.
twelve-tone of music, based on or designating an arbitrarily selected, fixed order of the twelve tones in a chromatic scale.