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rose water a tincture of water with attar of roses, used in perfume, cosmetics, and cooking.
soda water water filled with carbon dioxide. It is used to mix and drink.
toilet water a lightly scented liquid used as perfume or cologne.
tread water to keep floating in an upright position with just the head above water by moving the legs and feet as though walking.
Vichy water a natural mineral water from springs at Vichy, France, sometimes used in treating gout and digestive diseases. [2 definitions]
water bed a bed whose mattress is a bag made of vinyl or other waterproof material filled with water.
water beetle any of various aquatic beetles, characterized by a smooth oval body and flattened or fringed hind legs adapted for swimming.
water bird any of numerous swimming or wading birds.
water biscuit a cracker made of water and flour, to which shortening is sometimes added.
water blister a blister containing a clear, serous fluid. (Cf. blood blister.)
water boatman any of a family of aquatic beetles with long, oarlike hind legs adapted for swimming.
water boy a boy or man who supplies water to others, such as laborers or members of a football team.
water buffalo a large buffalo with dark gray fur that lives mainly in the southern parts of Asia. Water buffalo have curved horns that can span six feet from one tip to the other. Water buffalo weigh up to one ton. They are very strong, and people often use them to pull heavy loads.
water chestnut an Asian sedge with erect cylindrical leaves, or the succulent edible submerged tuber of this plant. [2 definitions]
water clock any of various devices that measure time by the flow of water, esp. a clepsydra.
water closet a flush toilet, or a room or booth containing a toilet and often a washbowl.
water cooler an apparatus for cooling and dispensing drinking water; water fountain.
water cure the treatment of disease by the internal or external application of water; hydropathy or hydrotherapy.
water cycle the process by which water on the earth evaporates, then condenses in the atmosphere, and then returns to earth in the form of precipitation.
water gap a crosswise break in a mountain ridge, cut by the stream that flows through it.