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by the way used to add something into a conversation that is on a different subject.
by way of by going through or along; via. [2 definitions]
four-way giving access or passage in four directions. [2 definitions]
give way to collapse or fall apart.
Milky Way the galaxy that contains the earth, the sun, and the solar system. It can be seen in the night sky as a long, cloudy group of stars.
one-way moving or allowing to move in a single direction.
out-of-the-way of a place, remote, secluded, or little frequented. [3 definitions]
pave the way for to prepare for; make a ready or easy way for.
right of way the right by law or custom for one vehicle, vessel, person, or the like to move ahead of or in front of another. [3 definitions]
rub the wrong way to bother or annoy.
three-way designed to operate in three ways, esp. as a light bulb or electrical switch that operates on three different wattages.
two-way permitting communication or travel in two, often opposite, directions. [3 definitions]
under way making progress; moving ahead; advancing. [2 definitions]
way out (chiefly British) a route, passage, or door out of a building or other location; exit.
way station a minor station on a railroad line, located between more important stations, at which a train stops only when signaled.
way-out (informal) very unusual or extreme; unconventional; nonconformist.