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black and white print or writing considered as documentary evidence or binding proof. [2 definitions]
black-and-white in shades of black and white only, as a photograph or film. [3 definitions]
bone white a yellowish or grayish white color.
Chester White a kind of large white hog first bred in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
great white shark any of the family of large predatory fishes of the world's temperate coastal regions that has a white underbelly, multiple rows of rotating teeth, and an average size of 13 feet (4 m.) in length and 4000 pounds (1814 kg.) in weight.
lily-white white as a lily. [4 definitions]
off-white white mixed with a small amount of yellow, light brown, or gray.
Rhode Island White any of an American breed of chicken with white feathers and a red comb.
show the white feather to act in a cowardly fashion.
snow-white white as snow; pure white.
white ant a termite.
white bass a silvery, striped, edible North American freshwater fish, related to the striped bass.
white birch any of several birch trees of Europe and North America that have silvery white bark.
white blood cell a small blood cell with no color that helps protect the body against infections and bacteria.
white bread a light-colored bread made from finely ground, usu. bleached, wheat flour.
white cedar an evergreen tree of the cypress family growing in swampy areas of the eastern United States, having soft, pliable, light-colored wood. [3 definitions]
white clover a clover that bears white flowers and is found in pastures and meadows.
white dwarf a very dense but dim star that is approximately the same size as the earth.
white elephant a possession no longer wanted by its owner, but having possible value to others. [3 definitions]
white encroachment the intrusion or invasion of white settlers, colonists, missionaries, and the like upon the land and communities of indigenous or other established populations, used esp. with reference to acts perpetrated by European colonists upon American Indian land and people.