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Word part Type Origin Definition
sed, sid, sess root Latin sit; settle
semi-, demi- prefix Latin half, partly
sen root Latin old
sens, sent1 root Latin to feel, to perceive
sept root Latin seven
sequi, secut, seque root Latin to follow
serv1 root Latin save, keep
serv2 root Latin slave
sex root Latin six
sign root Latin mark, sign
sim, semb root Latin like, similar
-sis noun-forming suffix Greek act, process, or condition of
sist root Latin stand
sol1 root Latin sun
sol2, soli root Latin alone
solv, solu, solut root Latin loosen
som, somat root Greek body
-some1 adjective-forming suffix Old English characterized by, tending to
-some2 noun-forming suffix Old English group of a specified number
somn root Latin sleep
son root Latin sound