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Word part Type Origin Definition
magn, magna, magni root Latin great, large
mal, male root Latin bad, evil, ill
man, mani, manu root Latin hand
-mancy noun-forming suffix Greek divination
mand root Latin give an order
mania root Greek excessive desire
mar, mari root Latin sea
matr, matri, mater root Latin mother
maxi root Latin largest
mech root Greek machine
medi root Latin middle
mega, megal, megalo, -megaly root Greek large, great, million
melan, melano root Greek black
memor, member, membr root Latin memory
-ment noun-forming suffix Latin act, process, or instance of
ment root Latin mind
mer, -mere root Greek part
merge, mers root Latin dip, dive
meso- prefix Greek middle
meta- prefix Greek change, between, after, beyond
metr, -meter, -metry root Greek measure