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Word part Type Origin Definition
liber1 root Latin free
libr root Latin book
libra, liber2 root Latin balance, weight
-like adjective-forming suffix Old English similar to, in the manner of
lingu root Latin language, tongue
lip, lipo root Greek fat
lit, litera root Latin letter, reading
lith, litho, -lite, -lithic root Greek mineral, rock, stone, fossil
loc root Latin place
log, logo, -logue root Greek word, speech, written work
-logy, -ology noun-forming suffix Greek study of, science of; written work; structure or principle
loqu, locu root Latin speak; speech
luc, lum root Latin light; shine
luct root Latin struggle
lud, lus root Latin to play
lun, luni, luna root Latin moon
lustr root Latin shine
-ly1 adverb-forming suffix Old English in such a way or manner
-ly2 adjective-forming suffix Old English like; every (when attached to times)
lys, lyt, -lyze root Greek break down, disintegrate
macro- prefix Greek large, long