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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
lay off, lay out
Word Combinations (verb), Note
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: lays, laying, laid
definition 1: to place, put, or spread over a surface.
We were laying the tablecloth on the dining table when the guests arrived.They laid the injured child gently on the stretcher.
place, put, rest, set
similar words:
assign, deposit, posit, position, seat, situate, stick
definition 2: to cause (something) to be a certain way when placing (it) on a surface.
She tried to lay the wallpaper flat, but it wasn't an easy task.
definition 3: to install or arrange so as to be flat.
He will lay the carpet himself.
even, flatten, level
similar words:
dispose, install, plane, smooth
definition 4: to assign or bestow.
She lays the blame on me.
accredit, apportion, ascribe, attribute, impute
similar words:
allocate, allot, assign, consign, dispense, inflict, put
definition 5: to establish; formulate.
They laid their plans for the next attack.
conceive, devise, formulate, frame, plan
similar words:
articulate, contrive, define, invent, prepare, specify
definition 6: to cause to be or become in a specified condition.
She laid herself open to opposition.
place, put
similar words:
make, set
definition 7: to put forward for consideration.
He laid the issues out in the memorandum.
exhibit, offer, present, proffer
similar words:
disclose, display, introduce, reveal, set, show, uncover
definition 8: of a female bird or certain other female animals, to produce (an egg or eggs).
The sea turtles come to lay their eggs in the sand.
bear, deposit, produce
similar words:
afford, beget, create, make, spawn, yield
definition 9: to place as a wager; bet.
I'll lay ten dollars on the home team.
bet, gamble, place, stake, wager
similar words:
pledge, risk, venture
definition 10: to prepare for use.
Please lay the table for dinner.He laid a trap for the rabbits.
arrange, prepare, ready, set
similar words:
equip, gird, outfit, rig, spread
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: of a hen or other female bird, to produce eggs.
bear, produce
similar words:
definition 2: to make a wager, bet, or proposition.
bet, gamble, wager
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phrase: lay off
phrase: lay out
part of speech: noun
definition: the manner in which something, esp. land, is arranged or positioned.
the lay of the plantation
composition, configuration, conformation, contour, design, form, frame, scheme, structure
similar words:
figure, formation, order, outline, shape, topography
lay or lie?
Lay means to put or place something on a flat surface. Lie means to be or stay in a flat position. These words are easy to confuse because their meanings are similar and the past tense of lie is lay.
  • Lay the mail on the table.
  • He laid the mail on the table.
  • Lie down if you are tired.
  • Yesterday, I lay down for a short rest.