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kwa lih faI
parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
Word Builder, Word Parts
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: qualified, qualifies, qualifying
definition 1: to make eligible or competent, as for a job; certify as competent.
The course will qualify you to be an accountant.I don't think that spending a week in Paris qualifies you as an expert on French culture.
certify, license, prepare, train
similar words:
condition, educate, fit, instruct, permit, ready, sanction, teach
definition 2: to modify, esp. to limit by restating in more restricted terms.
He qualified his remark by mentioning one exception.They qualified their acceptance of the offer by stating one condition.
limit, modify, restrict
similar words:
adjust, circumscribe, condition, confine, moderate, regulate, temper, weaken
definition 3: to describe by giving the characteristics of.
How would you qualify your experience abroad; was it exciting?
characterize, describe, modify
similar words:
designate, distinguish
definition 4: to make less harsh or extreme; moderate.
She qualified her criticism of his playing by reminding him of how much he had improved.
moderate, modify, temper
similar words:
accommodate, adapt, adjust, mitigate, regulate, soften, weaken
definition 5: to modify the meaning of.
Adjectives qualify nouns.She qualified the word "competent" with the word "fairly."
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to have the necessary skills or qualities, as for carrying out a job.
Do you think any of the applicants qualify?
similar words:
make the grade
definition 2: to gain authorization.
She had qualified as a doctor before coming to the U.S.
similar words:
graduate, pass
definition 3: in sports, to win a preliminary trial and thus be able to compete in the final competition.
Sadly, her injury impaired her performance and she did not qualify for the final.
derivation: qualifiable (adj.)
Word Builder: qualify
  • qualified:
    having the appropriate qualifications.
Word Parts
The word qualify contains the following part:
-fy, -ify, -efy Latin verb-forming suffix that means make, cause to be, become
Show wordsHide wordsMore about this word part:
The suffix group -fy , -ify , -efy forms verbs from primarily Latin bases. When -ify attaches to an English base, the base is an adjective (uglify , Frenchify ) or noun (citify , zombify) usually having one syllable or two syllables ending in |i|. Verbs ending in -fy have corresponding noun forms ending in -ion: as a rule, -ify becomes -ification (verify , verification); -efy becomes -efaction (putrefy , putrefaction). See also fac, fic, fec, fact, fect.