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rih port
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a statement or account of something, usu. detailed.
I did a good deal of research on the subject and then wrote up my report.The report on India included some interesting statistics.Did you hear the news report last night?
similar words:
account, bulletin, pop, proceeding, statement, study
definition 2: an account of something that is widely circulated.
We were alarmed by the report of a number of break-ins in the neighborhood.
definition 3: an account of a person's performance, esp. a student's grades.
Her hard work was reflected in her grade report.
definition 4: a loud or explosive noise.
We heard the report of a rifle in the distance.
bang, blast, crack, noise, sound
similar words:
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: reports, reporting, reported
definition 1: to prepare and present an account or statement of.
The detective reported the results of his investigation.The Times reported the story last week.
similar words:
announce, chronicle, delineate, describe, detail, disclose, record, recount, reveal, state, tell, write, write up
definition 2: to write or give an account of for publication or distribution.
This channel reports the news twenty-four hours a day.
print, publish
similar words:
cover, write, write up
definition 3: to make a charge or complaint against.
I reported the thief to the police.
similar words:
accuse, charge, denounce, inform against, tattle on
definition 4: to tell; relate.
The doctor reported the results of the surgery to the waiting relatives.A witness reported that there had been an accident.The man reported to the police that he'd seen someone enter the building.
relate, state, tell
similar words:
cover, describe, detail, divulge, narrate, recount, rehearse, repeat, say
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to prepare and present an account of something.
When she's gathered all the details about it, she'll report to us.
definition 2: to function as a newspaper reporter.
He's been reporting for the Times for several years now.
similar words:
investigate, write
definition 3: to present oneself.
She reported for work two hours early.The soldiers reported for duty.
show up
similar words:
appear, arrive, check in, present oneself
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derivation: reportable (adj.)
Word Builder: report +
  • reporter:
    a person who reports the news for a newspaper, a magazine, or a radio or television station.
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