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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, adverb, noun, interjection
Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: says, saying, said
definition 1: to speak or utter.
I think she said something, but I couldn't hear what it was.How do you say this word in French?There is a "b" in the word "debt," but we don't say it.He shouldn't say words like that in front of the children.
speak, utter, voice
similar words:
articulate, communicate, phrase, pronounce, sound, tell, verbalize, vocalize
definition 2: to express in speech or written words.
He said that he felt sick and wanted to go home.What does she say in her letter?She said how glad she was to finally meet us.I can't understand why he would say a thing like that!Did they say if they were coming or not?
similar words:
articulate, communicate, convey, deliver, enunciate, go, phrase, read, relate, state, tell, utter
definition 3: to communicate (some request or instruction) in speech or writing (fol. by an infinitive).
Mom said to stop what you're doing and come in for dinner.The boss said not to throw out those old bottles but to put them in the recycling bin.The recipe says to stir in the sugar gradually.Do the instructions say how to install the battery?
definition 4: to report.
They said on the news channel that the rumor is true.Scientists are now saying that the volcano is showing signs of eruption.
declare, disclose, maintain, relate, report
similar words:
allege, assert, claim, offer, pronounce, tell
definition 5: to state with assurance.
I cannot say what time he actually arrived.
affirm, allege, assert, declare, state
similar words:
asseverate, aver, avouch, proclaim, put, report
definition 6: to recite or utter as in a formal situation.
Let us say a prayer for the dead.
similar words:
declaim, deliver, pronounce, render, speak, utter
definition 7: to show, as a clock.
My watch says it is three o'clock.
similar words:
display, indicate, show
definition 8: to indicate, suggest, or signify.
What does this tragic event say about our society?It's an attractive painting, but it doesn't really say anything.
indicate, suggest
similar words:
mean, signify
definition 9: to suppose or take as an assumption.
Let's say that you won the lottery; what would you do with the money?
assume, posit, suppose
similar words:
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to speak or express an opinion, idea, or directive.
The police asked for information about the young man, but no one was saying.You have no choice; you must do as I say.
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: approximately; about.
Give me, say, fifteen minutes to get ready.
about, approximately, more or less
similar words:
definition 2: for instance.
After every fight, he buys her something--say some roses--and when he gives them to her, she forgives him.
for instance, such as
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a chance to speak, esp. to express an opinion.
He wants his say in the matter.The children had no say in the decision to move.
definition 2: authority.
She has the say in this company.
authority, clout, control, sway
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part of speech: interjection
definition 1: used to get someone's attention.
Say, could I borrow your lighter?Say, I've got an idea! Let's invite everyone!
definition 2: used to express surprise or mild indignation.
Say! You're that little girl who lived next door!Say! That's my drink you're sipping!
derivation: sayer (n.)